Buying A House On A Busy Street

Buying a home should be a strategic process. Many people sacrifice being in a quieter area to be in their preferred neighbourhood, albeit on a busier street. While for others, it may be a deal-breaker despite any pros the home or neighbourhood may have.

The Pros of Buying on a Busy Street


The main roads in any city are the busiest. That means that there will always be cars driving by and people strolling on the sidewalk. If you love being in the middle of all the action, then this would be a plus for you.

Easy Access to Transportation

Whether it is the bus or the train, you’ll have easy access to them in a busier neighbourhood. If you are a commuter, then being in a centralized area will be beneficial for you.

Businesses and Schools At Your Fingertips

There are more businesses and schools for you to choose from in busier areas. If you want to be in a vibrant neighbourhood, a home in a busier area might be a sacrifice that you will have to make.

The Cons of Buying on a Busy Street


The number one con of buying on a busy street is the high levels of noise. However, you can remedy this by investing in well-insulated windows and doors. While you may still hear the noise, it will be substantially less than if you didn’t have those upgrades.

Lack of Privacy

Anyone walking past your home will be able to see inside, especially in the night time when you have bright lights on. If privacy is at the top of the list of your wants for your new home, then a home on a busy street may not be for you.


Many people that live on a busy street usually have no other choice than to park on the street. If you have more cars than your garage and driveway can accommodate, you may find yourself struggling with parking. 

If you are considering purchasing a home a busy street, you should ask some questions: 

  • How busy and noisy is the street (ie. peak times of the day) 
  • Is there any possibility for the street to be expanded, which will substantially increase the noise level? 
  • Are there any homes for sale in the area or the same street that can give you an idea of the value of the home? 

If the home you are interested in is located on a busy street, it may still be a good purchase. You should keep in mind that it may be difficult to sell in the future unless it has the potential for commercial use. 

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